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10 May 2007

Michael Ball - Mini Break Celebration

I am going to celebrate my first Mini-Break with a Michael Ball celebration. Please enjoy these beautiful clips of a beautiful artist. To quote someone completely inappropriate at this moment ~ One day he will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine. Yeah, Wayne's World doesn't really fit but I swear one day I will move to London just so I can see him whenever I want... that would be a dream come true. Besides, I may be a southern belle but I was born to be a Londoner.

Enjoy poppets!

Empty Chairs, Empty Tables

Tonight (with Lesley Garrett)

First Interview on Terry Wogan (with Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Interview on Terry Wogan

The First Man You Remember

And Her Mother Came Too

Seeing is Believing (Aspects of Love)


Pete said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
P88hBear said...

Aww, what happened? Change your mind? I know, he has the same effect on me ~ leaves me speachless too.

P88hBear said...

So Pete, you're going to keep an eye on me? Interesting considering I haven't seen you in over a week!