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20 May 2007

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to all of the original cast members on "Figment's Dream Team"! We made it a whole year.

Now, on the news regarding the cast members I started back with a year ago. We were a class of 27 and now there are only 9 of us left: Myself, Tommy, Jackie H., Jackie D., Todd, Samantha, Blake, Steve and Melissa. This core group of people, sans Tommy and myself, came up with idea of all gathering at Hooters after work tonight. They are good people but they forgot about two of us original Dream Team members.

Tommy was omitted because he left for a few months and just came back ~ he's in training as we speak. I was omitted because, and I swear this is the answer they gave me, I am a leader. What kind of stupid answer is that? Because I am no longer a sales agent on the floor but am a leader who has saved their butts more than once they forgot that I am one of the original team... whatever.

Not going to ruin my day. I think I will wear the same outfit I did a year ago to Traditions.. my black pants, red sparkly sweater and black heels. That will be nice. I'll get my Steamboat Willie pin and 1 year balloon... they should be waiting for me with a card from Bob, Cal and Bill. Should get one from Rose Mary too... I love anniversaries at Disney!!

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