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06 May 2007

Answer Some Questions

Yeah, the cyberstalking. I am sure you are all wondering what in the world I am talking about so I will illuminate.

About a year ago, Diane contacted me using some made up name and asked about Dani. I was hesitant and inquired more about who this person was before I said anything about my baby. She finally fessed up and then began demanding information. Uh, hello? She was 13 1/2 at the time and I could tell you that they hadn't seen her in 13 years!

Needless to say I wrote an email that very elloquantly stated that she had no right to demand anything from me and to please leave my family alone. I took down the one site I had and in July last year I built this one. We all know what my mother did so let's not go there.

Now, I also have a MySpace account that I use to keep up with my friend's kids that are like family to me. I've written about them before ~ Brandon and Katie over in Iraq and then Boo (her name is Katie too so she got a nickname to tell her apart from Brandon's wife) ~ Jacque's kids. Anywho, I don't have anything about my kids on my MySpace as it's only purpose is to keep up with my nieces and nephews. So the other day, the exact same day I made this an invited blog only, I received this letter from "Annishia" in my MySpace Inbox:

I recently found out that you have shared personal emails that I have sent to you (and your mother) with one of your bloggers. Amazing to me that you have taken advantage of our attempts to communicate with a very special person whom we love. Shame on you and your mother for playing such a hateful game for your enjoyment on the internet. By the way, your blogger led me to this internet site.

Now, initially I responded on a nicer note:

I have no clue who you are or what you are talking about so unless you would like to introduce yourself and speak in a civilized tone I suggest you rethink the previous email. Have a wonderful day.

Then I thought about it for a minute and replied with this:

Oh and if this is Diane again ~ bugger off!! You'd think you would at least be brave enough to use your real name in any of these conversations.

I have the right to speak to whomever I chose about whatever topic I see fit. I suggest you use these weak attempts at manipulation on someone else... perhaps your deadbeat son.

You can not love someone you do not know so forget it. She now knows the truth and finds your entire family to be horrible and wants nothing to do with any of you. To prove the point, she threw away the one picture she had of Shawn... but not before tearing it up and calling him some unsavory names with my approval on that one occassion. That chapter of her life is now over.

I do not know what cheap entertainment factor you may be speaking of but I do know that if you have found my blog on the internet you can consider it removed immediately ~ or at least changed so that only members may read it as you have no right to anything regarding my family.

Now, please return to the rock from which you have emurged and I will go about my life as I wish you would go about yours and stop stalking my family or I will press charges against the lot of you.


P.S. - we are moving out of country in the very near future and wish no further contact. Should our wishes not be obeyed you will be hearing from my lawyer.

Yes, I know what you are thinking ~ What if it isn't Diane? My response is that I don't flipping care because the initial note written to me was just about as passive aggressive as you can get so I figured that they needed to be "spoken" to in a manner that they might understand. I then emailed MySpace and reported this individual as a cyberstalker and cyberbullying me. We shall see what happens from there.

That is the long and short of it as to why this is no longer out for all the world to see but just my close friends and family. Enjoy and if I have left a loop hole in the thought process somewhere, let me know and I will tie it up.


BettyMac said...

Good grief! Who would have lead her to your blog? How strange... you just never know who's out there, looking into your business. Freaky!

P88hBear said...

It's all good... and I could care less. She is the typical martyr and all I can tell her is "Get off the cross because someone needs the wood!"

BettyMac said...

I love that saying!