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01 May 2007

How I Survived Jury Duty

Confessions of Super Mom was so funny that I did not mind sitting in the "holding area" for jury duty most of the day Monday. I was actually a little ticked when they called my name to go and watch other potential jurors get picked and I was excused. I used my "Super Eavesdropping" skills to find out why since I harbored a bit of guilt at the prospect of lying. Apparently I am too "All American Girl Next Door" and I work for Disney. The defense decided that I would not be good for his case... go figure. I thought the guy was guilty by looking at him ~ you know the type ~ and he was being accused of drunk driving... yeah, no brainer.

Anyway, here's the teaser:

For every harried mother who dreams of cleaning with the power of 10,000 Swiffers, putting her children into Super Time Outs with just a flick of her Merciless Gaze, and employing a little Super Eavesdropping when the occasion warrants, CONFESSIONS OF SUPER MOM is a must-read.

Filled with romance, intrigue, humor and a colorful cast of characters, this delightful new novel introduces a superhero for the Swiffer generation.So forget those chores --- pick up CONFESSIONS OF SUPER MOM and relish in a much-deserved escape. This charming novel will keep readers glued to the page as they cheer for Super Mom to root out injustice and surrender herself to love. Readers everywhere will find themselves in its pages and rejoice in finding a book that celebrates their overlooked everyday acts of heroism.

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