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26 October 2006

So Much for an Early Night!

So I was at work by 11:30 a.m. yesterday and didn't get out until 11:30 p.m.! It never fails, every time I think I will be able to get out early I end up getting trapped until really late. Things were not real magical with one of my cast members and now I have to put this whole game plan in place to document not only one but TWO of my team.

Which brings me to a more important point ~ why don't adults act like adults? I know that it may be a part time gig to some but why do they insist on breaking the rules and acting like children? We all know how to behave and that we should take our jobs seriously... so why do some constantly run around as if it is high school (or lower) and think that it is okay?

I don't like being the bad guy but if they are going to constantly under-perform then why should I keep them on my team? I think I am going to have a "Come to Mickey" meeting very soon about expectations and behavior... which is really sad. And why in this picture do I feel like Lumpy without the added smile and fun?

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