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25 October 2006

No time tonight...

I got carried away gathering images and reading about my favorite subject ~ Disney. I like to get the Guest's point of view about our new campaing, The Year of a Million Dreams. I need to get my link up for the news but I have to ask permission first since it is the official Walt Disney World news site that we have our articles and such posted on... hmmm, wonder if I could submit that as my dream for a cast member?

Are you kidding me? Do you think I would waste my cast member dream on that one... NO WAY!! Y'all can read it in the post like everyone else, sorry. I would use my cast member dream on staying in Walt's apartment!!

Be good poppets and since I have to go and work the on the IMD 2007 AOP tomorrow I am sure I will be home early... oh, that means "In-Market Dine 2007 Annual Operating Procedures"... fun, fun, fun... woo hoo!!

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