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24 October 2006

DREAMS come true

We have been going through a "systems enhancement" these past few days and we finally came up last night. I was very happy to hear that but I must say that for most organizations it would have been a complete stand still... but not us!

We made it fun, and then some! We awarded agents every hour on the hour for "doing it right" since there wasn't much else they could do. Normally they would be making reservations but with the enhancement they couldn't get into the system. All they could do was quote and answer questions or book dining and Cirque du Soleil. Guests would call and want to know things and then book ~ we could inform but couldn't book. So we would have people listening "behind the scenes" and once an hour we would award an agent in each location for "doing it right". The fanfare consisted of "pixie dust" (which is Mickey icon confetti that people LOVE), a star balloon and 100 Magic Points. We, the Leaders, would sneak up and throw the confetti at them while we hooted and hollered about how they did it right ~ whether they were on the phone or not. It was a blast.

Now that DREAMS is in place, we are going to snack carting the floor for about a week. The leaders push snack carts with good things piled high (apples, bananas, chips, cookies, candy) and another with drinks (water, juice and soda). We do it twice a day ~ mid morning shift and mid evening shift. The cast members love it and having been on both sides of the cart I can tell you that the leaders love it to... what is better than doing that little something extra for your team?

I need to go and get ready to make magic. Be good poppets while I am gone and perhaps I will be able to write more tonight. I am trying to get back in the groove of daily posts but it has been a challenge recently.

Have a magical day!

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you!!! Hope all is well, and that you are able to get some good sleep. I'll write more later, too, right now I'm at work and we have no pixie dust... if you know what I mean.
Love ya,