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26 July 2006

So You Think You Can Dance

I have to admit that I am addicted to this show now. I was just enjoying it before but Benji and Heidi are too phenomenal not to vote for every week! I kid you not, I just got done voting for Benji and I started counting my votes - I was over 100 before Mom told me just hand over the phone, he will be fine.

How do we know he will be fine? I have problems believing that when I don't have a problem getting in. The phone lines are never busy!! It makes me think that I am the only person in America voting for him... how can that be??

This is the sweetest man you will ever see on television. His cousin, the afore mentioned Heidi, is equally as sweet. And man can they DANCE! I really want both of them to win the competition but there can only be one so obviously I am going to vote for Benji every week.

Do you know that it is so bad I have my mom call my cell phone and leave me a message as to who gets voted off on Thursdays! I work from 1:45pm until 10:15pm - being a queue cleaner means I stay until the very last guest is taken care of and completely satisfied. This means I don't get to see the final outcome of my efforts. I tried to run into the break room to see the results but I am always on the phone. One week I was lucky enough to have a guest on the phone who was watching the results show and he told me who got voted off!

I know, I know - it isn't on my company's station but what can I say... we don't have it so I have to go to the market that does. It isn't being disloyal - that would be going to the other people down I-4 when I have a day off. This is called showing Disney what they are missing out on. Between "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance", I am a happy camper in the reality show world - add "Survivor" and things are just perfect.

Now that I think about it, I don't watch a lot of the things on ABC. Most of my shows are on Fox or CBS. Fox has my dance shows and CBS has "NCIS", my other reality show, "Two and a Half Men"... most of the things I would watch if I didn't work nights. Okay, so I admit that I don't have TIVO but I do have a VCR (you remember, the thing where you put the really large cassette tape into the machine and push record and then couldn't watch anything else until it was over) and I tape the shows I miss. I used to record "Gilmore Girls" but lost interest right after Rorey stole the yacht. Plus, I love Lorilei and Luke but they need to get things together and stop teasing me. One saving grace is that "7th Heaven" is coming back!! The final episode drew so much attetion they decided that they had to bring it back. Makes me wonder if it was all a ruse to get the ratings up.

All in all I must say that working nights is not the best thing in the world for me, or my television addiction. I can't wait until January and the next shift bid comes up because I will be putting in for anything and everything that has me home by 8pm... don't care what my days off are as long as I can get home to watch my shows.

I need to go and put in a few more votes for Benji before they close the lines - only have two hours, you know...

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