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26 July 2006

Exactly the Same - but Different

I have these two beautiful girls, as you can see, and I love them exactly the same - but different. I have one who is a ball of energy and one who is more gentle. One who will smile at everyone and one who stands behind me. One who knows no fear and one who is rather timid. One loves the other one unconditionally. The other one loves her on one condition - she doesn't need her diaper changed.

My eldest child is a gifted artist who follows most of the sterotypical artistic traits. She is quiet, willowy, has beautifully graceful hands and is just left of the norm. She quietly stands out in her own way. She is starting to find her own way in the world and has a plan as to what she wants to do when she grows up. She loves to spend hours drawing, either on her computer or with pencil and paper. She always has pencil markings all across the outside of her left hand - an endearing quality. My eldest has always been this way too. I would go through her back pack on Fridays to make sure everything was turned in and to get her set up for the next week. There would be crumpled up pieces of notebook paper with drawings on them. You wanted to praise her for being so talented but then again, she did use her notebook paper that was supposed to be used for taking notes. It got to the point that I bought her a little notebook to keep with her at all times for when "inspiration" struck.

The newest one is a completely different story. She is not quiet nor is she any other attribute of her sister. This little one has no fear and will do just about anything. She is a very affectionate little girl who hugs and kisses everything - even her cereal bowl when it is empty. Everything needs hugs and kisses and to be petted and hear her little "ohhh". She is very girly and loves her baby dolls and Barney. She walked up to Mickey and Minnie Mouse for hugs and kisses when she was 14 months old. This little girl believes that everyone in the world is good and loves her - and why shouldn't she! She "sings" with her movies and dances all day long. I have a feeling that she will be my little dancing queen.

There are some moms out there who are soccer moms. I am a mom to the arts. I love them both so much. I honestly didn't know if I would be able to love the newest one as much as I did my older baby. I feared that it would be different and they would be able to tell. I am happy to report that you do love your children exactly the same - but different. Posted by Picasa

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BettyMac said...

It’s funny, but if you had asked me, when we were in high school, if I thought you would have two girl’s (girlie girl’s at that) one day, I would have said, “No way!” Just goes to prove, that I can be wrong from time to time. You make a great grown up, I’m proud of you!!! However, you do know that you will always be my WWF – Guns n’ Roses – rocking gal pal!