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24 July 2006

The Birth of My Blog

So I was sitting here reading about my fellow cast members, Bob and Dick, and had the overwhelming urge to start my own blog. I have no idea what roads this will turn down or what paths we may venture off to but it should be an interesting ride.

I guess one should start something like this with an introduction as to who this "blogger" is so you have a better understanding. I am a single mother of two (ages 13 and 1) who works for the greatest company in the universe - Disney. My life consists of making magic for others and my own family on daily basis. Do I have the most glam-filled job in the universe - nope. Do I get paid huge amounts of money to do what I do - not even close considering I had to move back in with my parents. Do I thoroughly enjoy what I do irregardless of all that - you betcha!

So, with that being said, please keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Place small children in the center of the seat and we are clear to go - BEEP BEEP!


Debbie Stein said...

Oh goodie, I am the first to comment - well, if you know me, then that is not such a big surprise! I always have a comment and I love being first!
Amy, this is just adorable - not being computer savvy, I am amazed by what you do! What a wonderful way to check in on you! The game you started is very clever, but you have always been a clever and creative one!
Love you,

P88hBear said...

You are such a sweet friend. Thank you for the compliments, Debbie... just one of the reasons I love ya!