100 Acre Personality Quiz

25 September 2007

Oh yeah...

I forgot to post the results of my call with Vonda last Friday. I bet the three whole people who actually read this are wondering what is going on... or not. Should I tell you or should I just let you stew... all three of you.

I GOT IT!! I am now the new Worldphile Leader for the Disney Reservation Center on Team Minnie which is lead by the notorious Vonda! Life is good. I actually have two teams until the end of the week ~ my Dining team and my Worldphile team... rock on for me.


Chris Corley said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations! What are your responsibilities as a Worldphile?

SeekRapunzel24 said...

Im guessing you found me thru DisneyDiaries lol. I am addicted to his blog haha. Anyway. Thanks for the info. Some of it I knew, but all was GREAT thank you soo soo much!!!=) I can't wait until Feb!!!! Im going to be like a 6 year old again! lol

(and congrats on the Worldphile thing!!!)

P88hBear said...

thanks! At the DRC we break down our guests into communities: Intenders, Repeaters, Worldphiles, Grand Gatherings etc.

The first three are defined by the number of visits and the last one is by the number of guests traveling together (8 or more over 3). I think you probably refer to Worldphiles as Disniacs.

So I now lead a group of agents who book complete reservations from start to finish sans recreaction activities. I used to be a Worldphile agent and actually took over my old team.