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19 September 2007

Good Googley Moogley

For heaven's sake... I'm so tired of answering the same questions on Diversity and Leadership and how to lead a new hire cast that I could scream!!

I made it through Round 2 because I brought the passion and stories. I was in Bill's office with six of the LOLs all firing questions off at me. By the time it was over, I was exhausted and didn't care. To be quiet honest, I was a bit ticked off that I had to interview for a position that I already hold ~ only difference is that I would get paid for the 50 hours a week I put in due to the FT status and not PT. Does that seem fair to anyone?

Monday we were Casting so during the morning session when all the potential new hires were filling out their paperwork, Carol asked me if I could meet with Bill the next day. I told that as long as I wasn't in trouble I could. She laughed and said it was for Round 3 on the interviews.

Naturally I assumed that Cal would have been there too but nooooooooooooooo... I had my conversation with Bill which went fabulously because I am over it all by now and today at 2:30, after the Rally, I have my phone call with Cal. This has to be the end... the only thing left would be to talk to Meg herself and that would actually be a treat!

I'll keep you posted and let you know what happens but in the interim, let me know if you think it makes sense to have person who is already a leader interview for a position of leadership that would only be different in the fact that it is full time instead of part time...

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