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24 August 2007

The "new" IMD community

I get this email (yes, I read my work email on my days off) and it said that there will be something going on to revamp the teams since there will not be a third IMD leader. I took the initiative and created the teams and schedules of leaders. I sent this to my leader and to the DRC director/manager (I don't know his official title).

My leader hasn't seen it yet but the big guy has so we'll see what happens. I separated the teams by those who work in the beginning of the week to those who work at the end of the week. Each team is 25 members plus one leader. Both leaders would work 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. so that won't be a sticking point if it is picked up. The sticking point with my fellow IMD leader is going to be who is on what team.

When IMD was divided the first time, this particular leader took all the stellar agents. She wins contests in spite of herself because she does not spend any time doing Side by Sides, 1:1, or any coaching what so ever. Those of us who had the lesser agents had to do our jobs at a higher level. I managed to move my team from 67% conversion rate and pulled them up to 115%!! We still have challenges winning contests but I think this speaks volumes, especially when the celebrated winner of all challenges is still at 89%.

I am also hoping to not be in this community for much longer so it doesn't matter to me but I wanted the next person in my spot to have a fair shake. Basically, I'm tired of those who don't actually do their job to always win. If you can still win when the stakes are even, perhaps you are doing your job. If you don't then the truth will be known. Plus, with me taking the initiative to get it done, it will prove my dedication.

I need to go and wash my face. Being a brown nose sucks but sometimes, it's all appearances.

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