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14 August 2007

Strangeness at DRC... at Least for Me!

So I go back to work on Sunday after a 10 day vacation, photographic evidence below, and things are just a bit odd. Let me give you some highlights, since that is all I have, and you let me know what you think... I am living my work-life via highlights... strangeness indeed.

  1. Return from vacation and do normal catch-up activities when fellow leader and friend asks if I was contacted by my leader whilst on my vacation. I say no, why ~ is there something wrong. Friend says "then I can't tell you anything." and walks away.
  2. Rumblings through DRC that one of the Worldphile leaders will not be returning since her MLOA was extended yet again.
  3. More rumblings that there will be a need for an SEL and 2 more FT CTIS FFL in Tampa. Posting hit the HUB on Sunday night.
  4. Monday, my leader wanted to make sure that I posted for the Full Time CTIS Leader position that was on the HUB. I told her I did, even sent her an email on Sunday telling her I had, and she smiled and clapped her hands.
  5. Returned later to inquire as to why she was so excited that I posted for the position, she said that she has been doing sneaky things, in a good way, and she couldn't tell me what she was doing. I was to trust her that it was good and be patient.
This has been my past two days back from vacation. I have no idea what direction my career is going but apparently, it's being taken care of and I should just sit back and deal with it. I guess I'll keep my arms and legs inside the vehicle while the ride is in motion and we are clear to go. BEEP BEEP!!


Chris Corley said...

I'm on the edge of my seat! Where's the resolution??

P88hBear said...

I have not heard anything but the post closed yesterday. There is more to the back story that I found out the other day so I wll make a new post.. actually, I can do that now.