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23 August 2007

Strangeness Update

So here is a bit of the back story that I found out this week. I will do my best to make it as clear as possible but you have to remember, it still isn't that clear to me...

I found out why the one leader asked me if I was called over my vacation. Apparently, or perhaps I should say supposedly, the Leader of Leaders for the Worldphiles went to my Leader of Leaders and told her that she wanted me to join her team (to back fill the MLOA leader and then to take on a New Hire team). Supposedly my leader put up a bit of a stink (the Worldphiles do not like my leader so I am not sure how accurate this part truly is) but after some "leg work" it appears that my leader gave in and started to work with her. Then HR said the position had to be posted. I said that I was flattered but we'll see what happens. You will learn that as a Cast Member, you never think you have anything because "things are always subject to change at Disney".

Fast forward to Tuesday. The LOLs took all of us FLLs (that is Leaders of Leaders and Front Line Leaders for those non-Disney folk) to supper at Maggiano's, a nice upscale Italian restaurant. I had to ride with my LOL and I asked her if she could tell me now why she was so happy about my posting for the position. She said that she had been working with the Worldphile LOL to get me over there since she knew I would be happier there and really excel. I was thinking that this was interesting and told her that I appreciated it and she was right since I was getting bored in Dining and really wanted to get on to something new.

Fast forward again to Wednesday. A different Worldphile leader asked me if I had posted (keep in mind that there are three Worldphile leaders and one new one along with one out on MLOA) for the position. I laughed and said that I had never had so much interest in my career path before. She asked again and I told her yes. She said that was great and wondered if I knew what was going on behind the scenes. I reiterated what my leader told me the night before to which this fine proper woman said was "complete bullshit" and that floored me! She said the same thing the first leader had told me about mine being a poop over it and so on. I said that I didn't care who wanted to be my hero as long as I got to go home (remember, I was a Worldphile agent in my previous life).

This past Monday, I popped in on my leader after a long day of casting for a chat since she had been out all day. She told me that one leader on our team got a new position and that she and the Worldphile LOL would be conducting the interviews. I am not sure why she just blurted all this out but hey, I took it and ran with it.

Now for what happened last night. I asked the final Worldphile leader a question regarding the MIA, I mean MLOA, leader and how she was doing. She said that no one had heard from her but she and the rest of the team were rooting for me. She went on to say how I will be a perfect fit for the team since I love New Hires, she likes the ones who have been here for about a year and have learned some bad habits and the other leaders like them seasoned. I expressed my tiny concern about interviewing with people who already know my entire career accomplishments and how to present it so that they would be awed and amazed (can you tell that I really want this spot?). She gave me some great insight and said that I really had nothing to worry about because her leader always gets what she wants and they all want me!

Now here is where I sit, metaphorically speaking. I know nothing more than I really did a week and a half ago except that the position would start on October 1, the first day of our new fiscal year. I know of some of the floor agents who posted for it but I really think that I don't have much to worry about there since I am already a leader and I have the added bonus of knowing the other people's history. I can barely sleep for running interview scenarios in my head and keep thinking that there has to be something I can do to slam dunk this thing and call it done.

To put it in perspective... it's like riding the Tower of Terror. You are sitting there enjoying the ride through the 'stars' and then all of a sudden the window opens and you are anticipating the fall but just hasn't happened yet... you're just waiting, suspended on the edge.

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