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23 December 2006

Meet Santa

This is the newest member of the family, Santa. You see, I went out today to find a scrapbooking store that I pass every night on my way home. I kept thinking that I should stop in there and now that I have time, I actually went... only to find that it is out of business! I guess I should have gone sooner.

Since we were on Little Road and not far from Starbucks naturally I had to swing by for my seasonal favorite, Peppermint Mocha... mmmmm. Dani asked if we could go to PetSmart since it was right next door. I said sure and the girls had fun ~ Sami watching all the real dogs and squealling "Puppy" and Dani looking at the birds trying to figure out how to draw them.

We toddled over by the fish section and Sami used her new word to convince Mom-E that this would be a good thing. How can you refuse that cute little face along with the voice that says "Fshishy"... obviously you can't because downstairs on the counter in the sun room is our new "fshishy" which she named Santa. Yes, Santa but it was close tie with "Cookie" so I am happy that Santa won out.

So welcome Santa as he joins our family this holiday season and hopefully lives to see many more. Sissy's job is to keep him alive, mine was to buy it and Monster's is to adore it... I think we have it covered.

Be good poppets until I return.

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P88hBear said...

Santa's name has now been changed to "Fishy"... don't ask as I don't know why but it has... Fishy it is.