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18 January 2007

So Far, Not So Good

This is just going to be a quick update and hopefully I'll get to post more later. Please excuse the bullet point fashion of this post but I promise more details as soon as I can update. Here goes:

  1. Spent the 9th through the 12th on property at Pop Century for classes at Disney University. It was alright, I learned a lot but really missed my girls.

  2. Been home sick with bronchitis, sinus infection, allergies and asthma issues along with the flu since the 14th. I tried to go to work on the 13th but ended up leaving early. Dr. Strobbe said I can't go back until he checks me on the 23rd and then he will make a decision.

  3. Spent most of last night up with Sami who has been coughing and sneezing. I fear that even though I have been locked in my room for two and a half days that she may have gotten what I have. I get a bit paranoid when the girls get sick because my Aunt Brenda ignored a cold on my cousin Danny for a little too long and he ended up losing his hearing to menegitis. I would rather spend $10 to find out they are fine then to spend the rest of my life feeling horrible because I didn't act sooner.

  4. Dani made the honor roll again and has managed to save up $91 for contacts. I told her that I would not purchase them because I don't think she is old enough yet to take care of them - and I don't think they are good for your eyes. I secretly hope that she goes and has the same issues I did with my eyes watering and them floating out. She's too cute in her glasses... she can have her hair dyed an outrageous red but thinks she stands out with her glasses.. go figure.

  5. No date on Wednesday night while on property because I found out that the guy not only had a girlfriend but his "soon to be ex wife" was not soon to be at all... the nerve! Plus, the girlfriend works at DRC as well. So naturally I went up to her and explained the situation because that is the kind of woman I am... you can name it what you want.

I need to go now, besides coughing so hard I can barely breath, I need to get back to Sami and call Dr. Dipshit's office to get her an appointment.... If I get that Dr. Hernandez who called her fat I will defiantely leave the practice. I will only see Dr. Hasell or Nurse Pope (nurse practicioner)... longer story for yet another post.

Be good poppets and hopefully I will talk to you soon.


BettyMac said...

Okay, I'm going to need more 411! What's with this guy? How are things at home, besides being sick ;o) Did you get to the Doc for the baby? Are you feeling better? Tell Dani she looks loverly in glasses!!!! I don't know if I could ever do contacts... there's something about putting your finger in your eye, that I just don't like... just ask my eye doctor, he practically has to pry my eyes open to look at them. All those bright lights, drops... etc. my eyes totally shut down!

P88hBear said...

I promise, as soon as I don't have to sneak to the computer any more I will definately write more information.. a post for each bullet point. Right now I need to rest according to my doc but I don't seem to listen too well, do I... oh well.

BettyMac said...

How's it going? How was your Disney U classes? What did you learn. How are you feeling... better I hope. Most everyone at work has some kind of cold or stomach thing going... I'm just hoping that I won't get it. If I don't work, I don't get paid :o( Write soon and let all your peeps know what's going on. TTFN!