100 Acre Personality Quiz

15 December 2006

The Ellusive Teenager...

I went on a safari to find the ellusive but much talked about teenager. There is rumor that one lives in this house. The apparently spend the majority of their time locked in their rooms with music blaring. Most have complained of horrible thumping music, risque clothing and strange holes in odd body parts... I am thinking that this one is of a higher breed.

It is often times locked in it's room, yes... but the music that blares out of it is either country or Broadway showtunes. The favorite hobby is drawing; either in the computer program Paint (antient to say the least) or with pen and pencil. There are no strange pearcings and the clothing, well as you can see it is just plain cute. It is confirmed, this is the best child in the teenage age bracket in the universe.

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