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20 March 2007

Tah-Tah T.S.A on St. Patty's Day

Yep, you read it right... I get to say Tah-Tah to my T.S.A. Leader spot... nope, no more Temporary Salaried Assignment for me.


Yeah baby, that's right. I will never be a floor agent again because I rock as a leader!! Normal TSA positions run for 6 months and then get extended by 6 months while the Powers That Be make up their minds on head count and performance. Yeah, I have only been a leader for 6 months!!

Last Wednesday, Rose Mary asked me to fill out a paper that was basically like a one sheet highlight of my performance as a leader. I didn't have that many months to go off of so I started the comparison back in July before I took them over fully in October. It was fabulous. Things looked so much more "wow" factorish when on paper too!!

So yesterday, before the Rally, Rose Mary asked me if a had a second. I popped in and she said "The break room looks really great and I love the way you did the tables. Wanda filled up some of the balloons since they were a little wrinkly when we got in." I said thank you for both items and she stood up and grinned at me and said "Oh yeah, as of today.... you are a statused Part Time Dine Leader". I flipped, I was so happy. I thanked her and was to giddy to sit through a boring meeting but managed to do it. She said that she wanted to announce to the team at our meeting that afternoon so I had to keep quiet for almost three hours... hello, people. Have we met? I can't keep good news in for three hours - so I did what any person would do. I wrote an email on my blackberry to my family and best friend during the Rally telling them about it... then I found people who weren't on my team, and more importantly, don't associate with anyone on my team and I told them!!

So yes, it was a magical day all the way around - some of my cast excluded but that is a different post. Not raining on this parade!!

Be good poppets and I'll see you later on! XOXOXO

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