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05 June 2007


So I just heard Sami downstairs!

Backstory: Sami has lunch around 11 and is usually laid down for nap around noon. She sleeps in a little crib in my parent's room for nap because it is difficult on my mother's knees to go up and down the stairs.

I laid her down for nap and came up here to do a quick post and hop in the shower. All of a sudden I hear "TAA-DAA" and Dani going "Sam, what are you doing in here?" down in the living room. Sami had apparently climbed out of the crib and decided to go out and show everyone her new escape artist abilities (her trick she learned right before this one was how to open the door).

Needless to say it is going to be a loooooooooong afternoon for them. It's slightly evil but I am glad I have to go to work today!

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BettyMac said...

Taa-Daa! Guess who's back ;o)