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05 June 2007

Deepest Apologies

I know it has been a bit since I have last posted. Things have been busy with the start of summer vacation and all. Hoping to have things in a routine by the end of this week. Want a silly update? Try this on for size:

I usually get home around midnight and some nights I stop at this 7-11 to get gas in my car or grab something to drink, you get the idea. Well, the past few nights I have stopped and there is this really cute blonde guy that works there. He started up a conversation on Saturday about where I work (yeah, I forgot to take off my nametag and lanyard). He was very sweet and seemed genuinely interested. Sunday night I needed to get some petro so I stopped again at my usual station because they are about five cents cheaper than anywhere else on my route regardless of if you pay cash or credit. He walked outside and asked where his ears were. I smiled and said that I forgot. He told me that I was warned not to come back unless I had his ears. This is a light banter so I promised I would not forget again. He smiled and went on about his duties. On my way out, I pulled up next to him and rolled down my passenger side window. I asked him if he worked Monday night. He said no but he was here on Tuesday. You know the question I asked next (how many ears do you need). He leaned in and gave me a really big smiled, kind of sheepishly asked for three for his nieces. I smiled and told him that I would see him Tuesday night.

Last night I brought home six sets of ears: 3 tie-dyed and 3 gold. Each set is autographed with "Your Pal, Mickey Mouse" on one ear and when I get there tonight I will ask for the names of his nieces for the other ear. You think he will like them?

The things I will do for a sweet disposition and cute smile.

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